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St David’s Day

St David’s Day is celebrated in Wales on 1st March, in honour of Dewi Sant or St David, the patron saint of Wales and to be honest I think it should be a public holiday, unfortunately my currently employer doesn’t seem to go along with that idea.  He’s English and still remembers last weekends Rugby.

Not a great deal is known about him and what does comes mainly from a manuscript written by Rhigyfarch in Latin around the end of the 11th century, so no room for iffy translations or folk lore.

According to Rhigyfarch, Dewi died in the year 589.  His mother was called Non, and his father, Sant who  was the son of Ceredig, King of Ceredigion.

He was educated  in Cardiganshire,and then  went on pilgrimage through south Wales ,  where he allegedly  founded the  religious centres Glastonbury and Croyland.

So put on your leaks and daffs and be proud.

St Davids Day at Holiday Cottage Wales