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Top 10 Tips For Best Quad Biking Holidays

Exhilarating, often dangerous but always fun – describes the experience of Quad Biking. And what better way to enjoy this thrilling activity than to plan a Quad Biking Holiday. And there are many locations and opportunities to do this around the world.

Here’s a Top 10 guide to finding the most suitable Quad Biking Holiday for you.

First the Activity…

  1. Stag Parties. Quad Biking appeals to both sexes but seems a popular pastime for men so why not organise your mate’s stag day at a Quad Biking Venue. Loads of fun and he won’t stray far from the crowd. Of course, it would make a really alternative Hen Party.
  2. Multi-activity weekend. You can combine Quad Biking with a range of other activities such as clay pigeon shooting and archery to make it a truly active weekend.
  3. Tours. Quad Biking in Morocco? Many exotic destinations are offering an alternative method of viewing their country. Pick up a bike and head for the hills to experience the off-road aspects of destinations such as Morocco and Spain.
  4. Trekking. Holidays based entirely around exploring the surrounding countryside and, possibly, more challenging terrain on a Quad Bike are popular now – not just in Europe but also in the hills of Scotland.

Now the destination…

  1. Travel on the wild side as you explore inside the Arctic Circle on your Quad Bike with a trip to Sweden.
  2. Stick close to home with a combined Quad Biking and tourist holiday of Scotland. Bike by day and explore Edinburgh’s hotspots by night.
  3. Portugal – and particularly the beautiful Algarve – is an ideal destination to explore by Quad and it is possible to just hire a Quad while you are out there.
  4. Go Quad Biking in the Alps for some spectacular views of the picturesque landscapes of France.
  5. Just like the Algarve – other popular tourist resorts offer Quad Bike hire like those based in Corfu.
  6. And for slightly more exotic still, look into some of the more extreme Quad Biking holidays in Thailand, Chian Mai and Northern Thailand.

As with all extreme sports holidays it is essential to look into insurance – both personal and that of the company organising the activity. And take all precautions when participating in extreme sports. You could end up with expensive medical bills if you were to suffer an accident abroad and didn’t have the right insurance.

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