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Top 5 Apps for a Holiday at Poppit Sands

Google Sky Map

Looking at the stars on a clear night in Poppit Sands can be a fantastic experience.  With little or no light pollution from the surrounding area the night sky is more visiable than I am use to.  The Sky Map app allows you to point your phone to the sky and it identifies the stars based on where the phone is pointing. Very clever and very interesting.

 Facebook App

I’m not a great fan of spending ours on Facebook looking at other peoples lives, but I do know that friends and family do like looking at the odd picture from our holiday or a quick comment as to what we have been doing is always appreciated.  The Facebook app is quick and easy to use.  Why not stay a little bit in touch J

 Kindle App

If you are lucky enough to have a Kindle then that is the clear winner, but for those of us that don’t the Kindle App can turn a large phone or tablet into a close alternative.  The ability to take several books on holiday and pick then up when required is convenience itself.

 Met Office Weather App

Ok your on holiday in Wales and it has been know n to rain once in a while.  The Met Office’s weather app gives daily weather maps, 5 day forecasts and perhaps less wanted severe weather warnings.  Handy little app for planning your holiday

Copilot Live Premium

Is a Sat Nav program for your phone (android).  It makes the most basic phone into a fairly sophisticated Sat Nav.  You are on holiday and you will get lost if you are out and about taking in the scenes and places of interest.  Copilot can help guide you back to your cottage or holiday home without too much stress and no requirement to read maps.  Just key in where you want to go and sit back and listen to the irritating voice tell you were to go.