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Welsh Food for Poppit Sands

•    Tatws Pum Munud Welsh stew, made with potatoes, vegetables and bacon and cooked in a pan
•    Tatws Popty  Welsh stew, made with potatoes, vegetables and a joint of meat, and cooked in an oven.
•    Teisennau Tatws is a potato dish, served as an side dish.
•    Welsh rarebit. The Welsh term for this dish is caws pobi, meaning ‘baked cheese’.
•    Bara brith, is a sweet bread which originated in Wales. It is traditionally made with raisins, currants, and candied peel.
•    Cawl is a Welsh stew with lamb and leeks except in Abercych where I always seem to get ham !
•    Crempogau are Welsh pancakes.
•    Bara Lawr is a Welsh seaweed delicacy. The laver is mixed with oatmeal, which is formed into patties and usually fried in bacon fat.
•    picau ar y maen,  (Welsh cakes) are small cakes cooked on a bakestone.
•    Cawl Cennin or Cawl Mamgu  – Leek Soup ??

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