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Folly Farm

Folly Farm I have spent some time in Folly Farm over the years with the children.  It’s a great place and has lots of attractions for everyone.  The recent (ish) addition of a large indoor jungle gym means that even on wet / damps days there is somewhere to hide out of the rain.    It’s […]

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Tour of Pembrokeshire 2012

Starting and finishing at Oril y Parc @ St Davids  there is a great bike ride around Pembrokeshire on the Weekend of 12th and 13th of May.  The sponsor for the is Valero Refinery and to date has raised £25,000 for the Wales Air Ambulance and other  Welsh charities in the area There are a […]

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Coasteering at Holiday Cottage Wales

I missed out due to work commitment lasts years first coasteering trip by the family… for work commitments you should really read, ran out of holiday days.  Anyway sour grapes aside they booked  a morning with FForest and went for a swim / jump/climb around the coast. It involved some scrabbling up some rocks, a […]

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Poppit Sands Seal Beach

Well to start with there is no seal beach in Poppit Sands, sorry, you are going to need a kayak or boat to scoot around the coast a little bit.  Normal safety warning of watch the conditions/ buoyancy aids / weather etc  but if you have a couple of hours spare paddle along the coast […]

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Poppit Sands YHA Refit

If you are unlucky enough not tohave booked the cottage this year or have friends coming down to visit, you may be interested in the fact that the YHA has just spent £155K refitting out the youth hostel, just up the hill at the back of us. Never been inside, but its an easy walk […]

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