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Ancient Fish Trap at Poppit

I love this story.  If you ever look at poppit from Google maps you can see a large V shape in the water.  Apparently this 260m structure is more than 1000 years old, or so experts would have you believe.

I’ve looked for on a number of occasions from the kayak and I think I’m just too close. Research is being done by Pembrokeshire College and Dyfed Archaelogical Trust to find out more.   Given the number of fish coming up and down the Tefi  it may have worked quite well. Although I would have thought that the walls would have needed to at least break the surface at some point during the tide… Which is no longer the case.

Fish traps were at some point in our history widely used to catch food and very few survive today… given the fairly hostile environment of the sea that’s no surprise.   The Poppit fish trap is now like a mini reef acting as home to all manner of sea life.