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Kite Surfing

  Over the last few years this seems to have taken off in a big way.  There are people out again today on the beach having what looks like a fantastic time.  I’m still thinking about having some lessons or perhaps kit boarding might be an easier way to get to grips with the kite […]

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Beach Games for Competitive Children

Sunny day on the beach in Poppit and thinking what to do with ‘bored’ children.  These are some of the games we’ve either played as  family or seen others attempting.  No warranty can be given on how well these will go down with the rest of the family ! 1)      Frisbee throwing.   Identify a target […]

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Starting to Surf Part 1

  Poppit is a great place to start to learn to surf.  The waves range from flat to few feet and given the large open beach there’s always plenty of space to find a spot on your own.   What do I need to start ?    Well I’d recommend getting a few lessons from an instructor […]

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