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March 2012 Tide Times

As per previous post Poppit is +1 hour 5mins.  I’ll need to sort out something better than an image for these.  I’d be interested to hear any opinions on which part of the tide and where are on beach the best waves are.

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Catching Fish in the Rock Pools

How to catch small fish in the rock pools at Poppit Sands.  Its surprising how many fish there are in the rock pools, and how rarely you seem them.  What follows is my children’s tried and tested method of capturing small fish in the rock pools. To start with you need a fishing net (standard […]

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Sun Tan Cream

Now I know there is a certain irony about discussing sun tan cream for a holiday in Wales, but really it s does get hot sometimes and we have all burnt on the beach.  Reflective water and cool breezes all hide the danger of frying in the sun at Poppit Sands.  The article on wind […]

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Kite Landboarding

Kite Landboarding I know next to nothing about this but by brother-in-law Mat  does attempt to put himself in A&E everytime he has a go. Kitelandboards are mountainboards  that people have used to get pulled around on the  beach.  They seem to look like very large skate boards, with chunky wheels.  I suppose that is […]

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More games to play on the beach

I actually got some comments about the competitive games in a previous post, reminding me that have all daughters and do we really play them.  Well yes, but there are other pastimes that also keep them all amused. So not exactly a girls top 5 activities on the beach but more activities we do. 1)      […]

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