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Boat Trips in Cardigan. Dolphins ?

Last summer we went on a trip with Bay to Remember looking for Dolphins.  Its been a few years since I’ve seen any off Poppit Sands  Beach so I thought it would be a good afternoon out with the kids.  Now No.1 daughter gets travel sick so I was a little worried about how a high speed RIB would go down.  Must be all in the head since it wasn’t mentioned while we were out.

No dolphins, but a few seals.  Commentary was good and they guys were very knowledgeable of the area (no surprise there I think) and it was a good experience for us all.    I have to say I think I could sit on that boat all day going thru the waves and I learnt a bit about the shags that live on Cardigan Island and some black (devil) winged gull.

Not that I’m turning into a Cardigan Inc advertising blog, but give it a go if you have a few spare hours