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Simple booking calendar for Holiday Cottages

We went for a number of years without having a decent calendar up of what bookings we had and current availability.  Its difficult when some people aren’t that computer literate and more than one person is doing the bookings.   However earlier in the year I did find a script by Gary Everest  on his website http://www.letting-tools.com  which did exactly what I wanted.

It was simple, didn’t need a backend database and ran with fairly simple php scripts.  You can check it out what it looks like on our availability page.  Yes it still needs a little more look and feel intergration with Poppit-Sands.co.uk but the functionality is all there.  The admin panel to change the availability is straight forward and simple to use.

I think it was pretty much the best one I found from my quick search….   I’ve include my modified php scripts if anyone is interested since I made a few more price points rather than the three Gary had used.  I’m not sure that you will be 100% happy with the colours I’ve used , but these are easy to change in the style sheets

Download my files here

All you need to do is unpack the fills and off you go.  There maybe some messing around with the email depending on your hosting solution, but actually this really isn’t required for it to run well.  I’m sure Gary would appreciate a donation for the time and effort he has put into the scripts… every little helps as they say.