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The Cottage

Gwbert Hotel

Its been a while since I’ve been in the Gwbert hotel, but from the cottage at Poppit it looks a fantastic place on the headland.  I’ve paddled out a few times when the sun is going down and on a non-rainy the sunset is breath taking.  Go have a meal or a beer in the […]

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Simple booking calendar for Holiday Cottages

We went for a number of years without having a decent calendar up of what bookings we had and current availability.  Its difficult when some people aren’t that computer literate and more than one person is doing the bookings.   However earlier in the year I did find a script by Gary Everest  on his website […]

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Boat Trips in Cardigan. Dolphins ?

Last summer we went on a trip with Bay to Remember looking for Dolphins.  Its been a few years since I’ve seen any off Poppit Sands  Beach so I thought it would be a good afternoon out with the kids.  Now No.1 daughter gets travel sick so I was a little worried about how a […]

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Cardigans Sweet Shop

I just think I should let the girls write their own blog on this site then I wouldn’t have to be nagged into putting stuff up. Yum Yum’s on the high street in Cardigan is another place we can’t  not visit when we are in Wales (along with Tesco and others).    Its  a great traditional […]

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How to find a good Holiday Cottage in Wales

What the title should have read is how to find another cottage in Wales when Morawel is booked up.  Because reading this you have already found the best cottage. Google maps seems like the best choice to me.  Go to their home page and select maps and type in something like ‘Holiday cottage Wales’.  Then […]

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