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Mobile Reception In Poppit Sands, Wales

I’ve had my fair share of mobiles over the years and thought it might be worth putting a few words down as to what the reception is like in Poppit.   The good news is that Orange works really well and is the network of choice for me and the family.  Now they are part of the same group and share the network I suppose in theory T-Mobile should work just as well as orange.

O2 doesn’t work.  There is one spot in the window sill where you can get text messages, but there’s little hope of a conversation unless you are lucky.   Vodafone use to work on the edge of the garden and on the beach , but I’ve not spoke with anyone who has had Vodafone phone for a while so that may no longer be the case.

3 – No idea, comments welcome.

There is a faint BT Openzone signal that you can pick up if you are a subscriber, but it’s not great.  If you have a high gain ariel (as I do) you can reach Patch Caravan park on the opposite of the Estuary.  Last time I visited they had an open hot spot which you could pay to access.  It was around £2 for week which was great… bit flaky over that distance though.