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Poppit Sands Mermaid

Well not really Poppit Sands mermaid, but as your drive out of St Dogmaels have you ever noticed the Mermaid statue by the jetty just as you leave.   Its looking a little weather warn at the moment but just behind the bus stop there is a Mermaid !

The reason being is that there is a  legend in St Dogmaels . The tale goes like this.  There was once a fisherman named Peregrine  who lived in St. Dogmaels. Peregrine was  fishing one day at Cemaes Head when he caught a mermaid in his net. She begged for Peregrine to put here back in the sea but he refused.  He tied her up in his boat and set off back to St Dogmaels.  But as he sailed the mermaid pleaded and wept and eventually Peregine relented and let her go just by the sand bar on the  Teifi.

As a thank you the mermaid promised to tell Peregrine if ever there was a storm approaching in the future to keep him safe. On the 30th September 1789 Peregrine was out fishing with over local fisherman.  The weather looked good but as they approached the sand bar Peregrine saw the mermaid and she warned him of the approaching storm and said he should turn back.   Peregrine turned around, but none of the other fisherman listened and just laughed and continued along their way.   Needless to say there was a massive storm and all the boats and fisherman (other than Peregrine) were lost, smashed to pieces!

So next time you pass the mermaid just think of Peregrine.