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Why not come to Wales on Holiday

The welsh coastline is one of the world’s most beautiful landscapes stretching some 250km’s around the west of the United Kingdom.  Pembrokeshire has some of the cleanness beaches around, with the Gower and  Cardigan Bay coming in a close second.   The coastline offers Seals, Dolphins, Porpoises and other more unusual marine  life such as basking sharks and leather back turtles.

The Welsh coastal path has recently been completed and adds to the already well reknowned Pembrokeshire coastal path with sees  (or is that seas ) thousands of visitors each year walking along some of the best coastline in the IK.

The Gower Peninsula while not in the National Park has been declaredan area of outstanding natural beauty and with its close proximity to the M4 really does make it an ideal spot to visit. Further around the coast towards the west there are a number of small islands dotted around the coast.  There are plent of boat trips and the bird life tends to be abundant.  Do the boat trips they really are an excellent way to spend an afternoon… if you want some excitement then go on a RIB there’re fast , very fast and bumpy.

If you are a bit of a foodie then there are a number of welsh products you near to sample.  Welsh Lamb being probably the first thing people think of, the taste really is better than New Zealand lamb in my opinion, perhaps NZ lamb would be just as good if it hadn’t travelled half way around the world first. Laverbread is another  local dish made from Seaweed, and there is a number of specialty cheese producers (Caws Cenarth is one) and they are craftsmen producing beautiful food.

So Wales really is a perfect destination for all.