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Bottlenose Dolphins

Cardigan Bay is one of the best places in the UK to spot bottlenose dolphins.  From the beach in Poppit you can on rare occasions see them swimming across to Cardigan Island. Some recent research estimated that there were around 130 bottlenose dolphins living in Cardigan Bay area (no idea how they measure that).  Adult […]

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Dog friendly Cottage in Wales

This is a blatant piece on advertising for people with dogs to come and visit Wales in a holiday cottage that accepts dog.  Poppit is a great beach for dog owners, when the tide is out there is a vast expanse of beach for them to run themselves senseless.  There are some summer time restrictions […]

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Top 10 Places to Visit in Ceredigion

Sadly we seem to spend more time visiting places in Pembrokeshire than travelling north into Ceredigion, that is if you don’t count Cardigan which is an almost daily visit.  So here are our places of interest north of Poppit.  I’m sure the tourist information will be less than impressed with my non cultured approach to […]

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Poppit Sands and Food

This is the height of laziness really, but I am for the first time considering buying my food online from Tesco prior to arriving at Morawel and getting it delivered that afternoon. Now I don’t mind shopping that much normally but on your first day off and having driven a few miles its just top […]

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Pembroke Castle, Pembrokeshire, Wales

This place is well worth a visit, or though a bit of a drive form Poppit Sands.   Its mainly intact and there are lots of tunnels and towers for the children to explore. The views from the towers are excellent down the river and is a great day out.  There is a little cafe which […]

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