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Boat Trips in Cardigan. Dolphins ?

Last summer we went on a trip with Bay to Remember looking for Dolphins.  Its been a few years since I’ve seen any off Poppit Sands  Beach so I thought it would be a good afternoon out with the kids.  Now No.1 daughter gets travel sick so I was a little worried about how a […]

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Torch Relay in Cardigan

  The Olympic relay is coming to Cardigan on 27th May 2012.  From the out of the route its going to be travelling from Swansea.  It should be in cardigan town centre around 3.30pm. Swansea Wales  –> Llanelli Wales –> Burry Port Wales –> Kidwelly Wales –> Carmarthen Wales –> Haverfordwest Wales –> Fishguard Wales […]

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Cardigans Sweet Shop

I just think I should let the girls write their own blog on this site then I wouldn’t have to be nagged into putting stuff up. Yum Yum’s on the high street in Cardigan is another place we can’t  not visit when we are in Wales (along with Tesco and others).    Its  a great traditional […]

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Bathing Water Standards in Wales.

Found this data file on the Guardians site.  List of all the bathing areas in the UK aif the water quality is up to scratch.  Given the places I’ve swam in recently (not Poppit I might add) I am surprised that pretty much everyone passes.  We have either come a long way in cleaning up […]

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Ceibwr Bay

If you fancy a trip to another near by beach then I recommend  Ceibwr.   Turn right up the hill at the car and follow signs for Moylgrove.  Its narrow and slow, but only about 5 miles away.  When in Moylgrove,  turn right just as you start going back up the hill.  It is signed, but […]

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