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Poppit RNLI Rescue Horse

This article  my horse mad kids thought was brilliant.  Sunday 15th January the Cardigan (well Poppit really) RNLI rescued a horse that had tried swimming to Ireland by jumping off the cliff at Ceibwr. There is video on the RNLI site of the whole rescue which is probably worth a 5mins view.  Hats off to […]

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Ancient Fish Trap at Poppit

I love this story.  If you ever look at poppit from Google maps you can see a large V shape in the water.  Apparently this 260m structure is more than 1000 years old, or so experts would have you believe. I’ve looked for on a number of occasions from the kayak and I think I’m […]

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March 2012 Tide Times

As per previous post Poppit is +1 hour 5mins.  I’ll need to sort out something better than an image for these.  I’d be interested to hear any opinions on which part of the tide and where are on beach the best waves are.

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Feb 2012 Tide Times

  These are Milfrod Haven times and Poppit Sands is +1hour 5 mins.  These are calculated times so do vary in accuarancy and the weather never helps  

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Catching Fish in the Rock Pools

How to catch small fish in the rock pools at Poppit Sands.  Its surprising how many fish there are in the rock pools, and how rarely you seem them.  What follows is my children’s tried and tested method of capturing small fish in the rock pools. To start with you need a fishing net (standard […]

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